Velkommen til den norske fiskeklubben i San Diego! (Welcome to the Norwegian Fish Club in San Diego.) Joining this club is by invitation only. This website is a reference tool for the members of the fish club. We eat fish, drink aquavit and maintain camaraderie with fellow members who have Norwegian ancestry or some kind of connection to Norwegian culture. We dine together one Friday evening per month except during the summer.


See the Announcements page for information about our announcements.

Schedule of Dinners


Helge Marstrander
  • May 7 – WEBINAR – Helge Marstrander, Norwegian Deputy Consul in San Francisco, talked about the partnership between the Norwegian government and California. There was also a message about Constitution Day from the King. Partial Recording
  • September 3 — CANCELLED! Plans for this dinner are postponed to October 8.
  • October 26 FISH CLUB DINNER at Bay View from 4 PM to 7 PM.

    This will be on a TUESDAY night. The Bay View is no longer able to serve our dinners on Fridays. Note that this is the 26th. It is a change from the 19th and the 8th that were originally displayed here.

    • We will have open mike. Members can share briefly what they did during the COVID shutdown. Individuals should be brief. Biscuits are allowed to be thrown after 2 minutes.
    • We will splurge a bit during the first few dinners after the COVID shutdown.
    • We want to have a nice Christmas Gala.
    • Please update your information to the volunteer of the next Fish Club Directory if anything has changed about you.
    • Various ideas for the future of the Fish Club will be presented and debated. Voting will take place during the November dinner. The ideas to be presented include:
      • Organize carpools
      • Some members have their wives drive them to the Fish Club dinners. What can we do to let them have dinner while we are eating ours?
      • Should we let members bring wives or girl friends to all of the dinners, not just twice a year?
      • Should we let women join the Fish Club?
      • What can we do to enlarge the club? We want it to be larger but not too large.
      • Should we allow occasional non-Norwegian topics to be presented to us?
  • November 16 FISH CLUB DINNER at Bay View from 4 PM to 7 PM. This is on a TUESDAY. We will elect officers and vote on proposals from October.
  • December FISH CLUB DINNER at Bay View from 4 PM to 7 PM. (Date to be determined. Previously advertised Dec. 20 is no longer available.) December Gala Dinner — We plan to have a wonderful gala!
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