Standing Rules

Adopted: April 20, 2002
Revised:  October 23, 2006
                  April 13, 2023

The following tasks are performed by the club officers to ensure that the mission of the Fish Club is successfully completed in accordance with the By-Laws.

Each proposed candidate to office shall be fully informed of the duties of the office by the Nominating Committee prior to acceptance to serve if elected.

  Key:     Skipper     Navigator     Purser     Volunteer     Board
  1.  SCoordinate dinner dates , times, and menus.
  2.  SBChristmas dinner and ladies night held in December: Coordinate arrangements with members of the Board.
  3.  SDinner menu: September through May — Nine Fish Dinners — Coordinate menu with the Caterer. One dinner should include Fish Balls.
  4.  SVPrepare monthly dinner invitation via email.
  5.  SVThis rule has been deleted.
  6.  SVThis rule has been deleted.
  7.  SNPThis rule has been deleted.
  8.  SThis rule has been deleted.
  9.  SThis rule has been deleted.
10.  SNPThis rule has been deleted.
11.   NDinner Preparation: Set up table decorations, Norwegian flag etc., pour aquavit and coordinate dinner arrangements with the venue manager i.e. audio-video equipment etc.
12.   PAfter dinner audit the bill, agree on number of dinners served with the venue manager, then pay the club manager for the dinner with cash on hand and check for the remainder.
13.  SVSpeaker’s program: Locate, contact and schedule speakers. Send thank-you to the speaker afterward.
14.  SBOrder supplies as necessary.
15.  SBThis rule has been deleted.
16.  SNPThis rule has been deleted.
17.  SNP  Purchase Linie Aquavit by the case when possible..
18.  SBMaintain Membership Database: Name, address, telephone number, e-mail, etc.
19.  SPAnnual dues: Notify members that dues are payable on January 1 of each year. Collect dues at the dinners between September and December.
20.  SBRoster: Publish annually after dues are collected.
21.  SBThis rule has been deleted.
22.  SBThis rule has been deleted.
23.  SBMembership application – Found at the bottom of the Statement of Purpose.
24.  SPName tags shall be provided to all members.
25.  SVWebsite: Webmaster to keep website current.
26.  SFebruary meeting is designated as ‘Ladies’ Night’.
27.  SBThis rule has been deleted.
28.  SBThis rule has been deleted.
29.  SBThis rule has been deleted.
30.  SThis rule has been deleted.
31.  SBClub History: Maintain an historical file of pictures, invitations, speakers, Tusen Takk awards etc.
32.  VEach January, the CEO shall appoint a volunteer auditor to examine the bank account records. The auditor may examine club assets and may review operational compliance with the club’s documents. The auditor shall present a verbal report to the Fish Club upon completion of his audit.