Nordic Culture

New Scandinavian Cooking

This is your link to the popular TV series, filmed in Norway and Scandinavia, with top chefs. Enjoy!


A wonderful article on Norwegian Stockfish describes how lutefisk got started and how Nigerians are eating more and more Stockfish while fewer and fewer Norwegians are eating lutefisk. Did the Swedes get the Norwegians to eat lutefisk as an attempt to poison them with lye?

Cheese Awards in Bergen, Norway

The World Cheese Awards took place in Bergen in 2018. Some of the awards went to cheeses from Norway, including Super Gold awards for at least 8 different cheeses. Listing of awards is here.

Bergen to Oslo (the full rail journey)

No need to jump on a plane. Just sit back and enjoy the full train ride shown on Norwegian TV. It runs seven hours, so get the popcorn!

Hurtigruten journey (full voyage)

This is the full voyage along the Norwegian coast aboard a Hurtigruten ship. Start with Part 1 (there are 35 parts). You can be your own captain!