Nordic Culture

Lost Naval Academy ring triggers amazing story of connections

The Vikings Were More Complicated Than You Might Think

New Scandinavian Cooking

This is your link to the popular TV series, filmed in Norway and Scandinavia, with top chefs. Enjoy!


A wonderful article on Norwegian Stockfish describes how lutefisk got started and how Nigerians are eating more and more Stockfish while fewer and fewer Norwegians are eating lutefisk. Did the Swedes get the Norwegians to eat lutefisk as an attempt to poison them with lye?

Return to Norway (by kayak)

An American with roots in Iowa returns to his family’s homestead near Flam on an amazing trip with friends by kayak through the fjords.

An author copes with grief by picking mushrooms in Norway

In a noteworthy book, a widow in Norway writes about how she copes with the grief of losing her husband by foraging mushrooms.

He’s Norwegian, and plays the blues!

Living in San Jose, a Norwegian musician rocks the blues world

Tesla’s surprising Norwegian popularity

Tesla cars amount to one out of four new auto registrations in Norway.

Marines on training in Norway

U.S. Marines arrive in Norway for training in the far north.

Folk art classes at Vesterheim (Iowa)

Visit a folk-art class at the Vesterheim Museum in Decorah, Iowa.h

Tour Seattle’s new Nordic Museum

A video presentation (on You Tube) walks you through the new Nordic Museum in Seattle, opened in 2018.

Bergen to Oslo (the full rail journey)

No need to jump on a plane. Just sit back and enjoy the full train ride shown on Norwegian TV. It runs seven hours, so get the popcorn!

Hurtigruten journey (full voyage)

This is the full voyage along the Norwegian coast aboard a Hurtigruten ship. Start with Part 1 (there are 35 parts). You can be your own captain!